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Creativity and skill

The enterprise - a successful combination of production capacities and group of qualified specialists, workers, managers. Creative capacity of collective is provided by effective system of preparation and retraining of personnel, a training system of an allowance of leading employees.

 The educational base of the entity contains eight specialized offices on 150 seats equipped with the corresponding equipment.

Annually more than 1000 workers are covered by all types of training.

The types of professional training of personnel used at the entity:

  • training in the second and adjacent professions;
  • advanced training;

target preparation in higher education institutions and colleges on a paid and contractual basis.

Planned training of specialists, with a separation and on the job, to the primary technological occupations is conducted. Since 2000 training of specialists from among an allowance for promotion in structure of heads is performed.

The entity is interested in inflow of young specialists and in close contact with educational institutions will organize carrying out practice of students, revealing and selecting for further work in divisions of the enterprise, the most perspective specialists.

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