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Mutually beneficial cooperation with JSC "Ammofos-Maxam"

Ammofos-Maxam JSC, in search of a partner, is considering the issue of long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with the Owners of capital warehouse premises in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The society needs conscientious owners of warehouse premises who are ready to provide services for acceptance, unloading, transportation, warehousing, storage and shipment of mineral fertilizers on the domestic market, produced by Ammofos-Maxam JSC.

To enter into a contractual relationship, the owner of the warehouse premises must meet the following requirements:

  1. Requirements for the Service Provider:
  • Legal entities that have the right to provide such services in accordance with the constituent documents.
  • Legal entities must meet the following requirements:
    • have the status of a legal entity (information about the applicant-legal entity, full and abbreviated corporate name of the enterprise/organization);
    • have an official legal and actual address on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
    • a legal entity created and registered in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, having sustainable financial activity, having separate property in its ownership;
    • written confirmation of the absence of debts on taxes and bankruptcy procedures addressed to his organization;
    • is not in liquidation or under the administration of a receiver or similar officer in respect of any of its assets;
    • has permitting documents necessary under the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the effective conduct of its activities;
    • carries out its activities in accordance with its Charter and the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
    • the competence of an individual who acts on behalf and in the interests of the procurement participant. If this person is the head of an organization, then he acts without a power of attorney. If not the manager - on the basis of a power of attorney executed in the prescribed manner;
    • is not a plaintiff or defendant or other party to any legal action pending, pending or pending against or involving the entity or its assets. There is no government or official investigation or investigation being conducted or anticipated regarding the entity;
    • absence of an entry in the Unified Register of Unscrupulous Performers.
  1. Requirements for the provision of documents:
  • Copy of cadastral documents (to determine the type, size, class of warehouse);
  • Certificate stating that the warehouse premises have not been mortgaged, seized, or transferred to third parties;
  • Document on the provision of the warehouse with railway tracks (or accessible railway tracks at a distance of no more than 5 km from the warehouse territory) and its technical condition (from the Railway Department);
  • A copy of the Charter, copies of constituent documents, a copy of the registration certificate;
  • A copy of the order or protocol on appointment as manager;
  • a certificate from the tax authorities confirming that there is no debt to the budget for taxes and fees;
  • Certificate from the servicing bank about the absence of Card Index-2;
  • Registration of collateral to secure obligations under the contract. The collateral can be property or cash. Provide a pledge agreement, cadastral documents of the pledged property, a copy of the report on its assessment (copy of the minutes of the meeting of founders on the pledge of property and participation in the competition, notarized material assets pledged by the selected legal entity). It is required that the value of the pledged property should not be less than the amount expected to store volumes of mineral fertilizers, calculated from their average exchange value, at the time the Applicant submits an application for participation in the competition, depending on the capacity of the warehouse;
  • Insurance contract (copy) and insurance policy (original);
  • Map of the location of surveillance cameras, map of the location of electronic/mechanical vehicle scales and a copy of the Internet access agreement;
  • Calculation (calculation, decoding) of costs for reception, storage (regardless of the period), shipment to Recipients, service premium from the enterprise per 1 (one) ton of product;
  • Application addressed to the head of the enterprise to participate in the competition on behalf of a legal entity.
  1. Requirements for the provision of services:
  • The service must be provided in a timely manner and with high quality in accordance with the terms of the contract.
  1. Technical requirements for non-residential premises, functional and quality characteristics:
  • Type of room – side walls made of reinforced concrete, baked brick (concrete block), metal structure, sandwich panels;
  • Floor - concrete or asphalt;
  • Warehouses whose walls are made of raw bricks are not allowed to participate in the competition.
  • Lighting - the warehouse area, premises and perimeter must be equipped with lighting fixtures and provided with uninterruptible power supplies (electric generators, UPS);
  • Availability of conditions for 24-hour security;
  • The warehouse gates are adapted for the entry and exit of trucks;
  • Warehouses, buildings (structures) must comply with fire safety requirements, the territories must be equipped with fire shields, automatic fire alarms installed in warehouses and buildings, the presence of emergency exit (evacuation) doors from warehouses;
  • The warehouse must comply with sanitary and environmental standards and regulations;
  • Availability of a separate room (building) for documentation in the warehouse;
  • Installation of video surveillance cameras inside and outside warehouses, access to the territory and the perimeter of the territory and the ability to connect them directly to the Internet;
  • Equipped with electronic vehicle scales connected to the Internet;
  • Equipped with computer equipment connected to the Internet;
  • Enterprises with warehouses are recommended to have an Internet network with a fiber optic speed of at least 6 Mbit/s to ensure online data exchange.
  1. Storage requirements:
  • The goods are warehoused and stored in closed, unheated warehouses that exclude the ingress of precipitation (rain, snow) and groundwater.
  • Packaged products in bags are stored in stacks on wooden pallets. The height of the stacks is up to 3 meters (20 rows). No more than 15 bags weighing up to 50 kg are placed on one pallet. every. The distance from the top of the stack to the lamps in the warehouse must be at least 500 mm.
  • During long-term storage in a warehouse, packaged products in bags are placed according to pre-developed and duly approved storage schemes, indicating the dimensions of the stacks and taking into account the most rational use of warehouse space and the ease of using mechanization equipment when performing warehouse operations. It is allowed to exceed the storage height by more than three meters if the necessary means of mechanization of loading and unloading operations are available, no more than six meters and compliance with the requirements for the distance from the top of the stack to the lamps is at least 500 mm.
  • Warehouses must be equipped with primary fire extinguishing means.
  • Must be equipped with general supply and exhaust ventilation (GOST 12.4.021).
  • Cleaning of premises should be done using a wet method;
  • Environmental protection requirements must be observed in accordance with the requirements of SanPiN RUz 0090 and SanPiN RUz 0294.
  • To ensure the safety of mineral fertilizers, joint storage with semi-finished products is prohibited.
  • Exclude access to mineral fertilizers to unauthorized persons (who are not warehouse employees, who do not have authority in relation to the goods, or who are not representatives of persons who have such authority, except the Buyer).
  • A separate room for documentation must be inside a non-residential premises (warehouse), or in a building with a separate protected area (metal doors, bars, alarms, CCTV cameras) in the rented area.
  1. Maintenance Requirements:
  • The Contractor is obliged to organize the acceptance and unloading of mineral fertilizers from wagons to the warehouse, at a remote distance of railway tracks (no more than 5 km) - delivery from the unloading site to the storage place, to ship mineral fertilizers from the warehouse to the Buyers, in accordance with the following provided by the Customer:
    • copies of the exchange agreement;
    • shipment notifications;
  • The Contractor is obliged:
    • draw up an act of acceptance of mineral fertilizers for storage;
    • provide a report on the receipt, consumption and balance of mineral fertilizers.
  1. Requirements for storage location and period:
  • Storage location: By region of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  • The duration of the service provided is 1 year.
  1. Requirements for the form of information provided:
  • The protocol on the assessment of real estate is drawn up in Russian and must be provided in paper and electronic media in triplicate, certified by the seal of the Contractor.
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